Martin A. BrooksIntro

Welcome to the home page of Martin A. Brooks.  I'm a Linux and open source enthusiast living in Essex, very east London.

I'm a Linux systems administrator by trade and I've been lucky enough to work for companies such as Yahoo! and Fast Search & Transfer and The Guardian newspaper.
The domain name comes from a William Gibson story published in the book Burning Chrome, a spooky glance into the future where we willing trade human sanity for technological and medical advances from an unknown alien race.

I'm a keen amateur photographer and the proud owner of a Canon EOS300D.  I'm fully aware that 'keen' and 'good' are nothing like the same thing, but I hope one day to have skills worthy of the fine camera I own.  In the mean time, you can giggle at my attempts to capture nice photos here.  Thanks to all the lovely lovely people over at Fotopic for hosting my stuff.

If you're interested in what I'm up to on a day to day basis, check my blog.


Antibody -- An antispam and antivirus email appliance.  I originally designed this device with my first business, Clues Ltd, in the UK.  I'm now further developing the device for sale here in Norway.  If you're interested in learning more, here's an overview of the device.
AntibodyMX -- An antispam and antivirus email service.  Antibody is probably overkill for smaller companies, or for companies who usually pick up their mail from their ISP.  AntibodyMX allows these companies to have powerful mail filtering without the expense of a self-hosted solution.
Clabbers  -- An open source Scrabble rack solving tool. Written in Perl with a SQL backend.
GLLUG FAQ -- The Greater London Linux User Group is a diverse collection of Linux and open source enthusiasts in and around London.  I maintain their FAQ.


I work with countless pieces of open source software and projects.  Without some of the following, I'd have trouble doing any kind of work at all.

Debian - The univeral operating
Debian GNU/Linux -- The universal operating system.  Robust, easily installed and easily maintainable.  Debian provides thousands of ready-to-use thoroughly tested software packages, no more upgrade nightmares and dependancy hell.

PostgreSQL logo
PostgreSQL --  An open source RDBMS and arguably the most advanced open source RDBMS available today. High performance, high reliability, full SQL feature set.

Older Articles

Linux Myths -- A response to Microsoft's (in)famous Linux Myths article, sadly no longer available online.
Linux Myths (sp1) -- Some updates for the above.
Linux Annoyances -- Sometimes, just sometimes, helping people get into Linux can be hard work.